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This new hairdryer is amazing, I don’t usually blow-dry my hair at home, but now since I got this I can just do it myself at home. Its so quick, its so powerful, its got an extra long lead so I can at the other end of the room looking in the mirror, it comes in 3 different colours, I got the white one and also you can personalise it so I got my name across the front. It’s perfect!

Georgia Penna International Top Model

I love LanaiBlo, its so light and if you are using it all day as a professional stylist that is a good thing because your arm is going to ache otherwise! Its really powerful, I used it on my own hair this morning and it dried my hair faster then my old hairdryer did and my last one cost me more as well so its defiantly value for money. 

Imran Chowdhary (IMY) Session Stylist
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So the LanaiBlo is perfect, especially for anyone with heavy hair or a lot of hair or extensions like me. It dries your hair so quick as its really really powerful. Also my favourite thing is that if you buy it online you can get it personalised. Its always nice to have something personalised!

Joanna Cooper Current Miss Universe Ireland