For me it has always been the simple things in life that make me tick. This statement applies now more than ever, I had my first child just over a year ago and the luxury of spare time disappeared in the blink of an eye…… but……I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I now have to prioritise and organise like I never have before but I don’t want the little time I have to spend on myself to mean I don’t get the same satisfaction and quality result that I was used to when I had more time to spend on my hair.

Hair is my life, I love it, always have and always will. With time now being my greatest challenge I have to adjust, this means that I have to be sure that the hair tools I use will perform for me and give me the best possible result in a short space of time. No more second attempts, no more 2 more minutes and it might look better, give me what I want, help me look good and let me go and conquer the rest of the day. Home life, Work life, Hair life. Keep it simple.

I have been in the hair business a long time now. Always learning, always listening to what both professional hair stylists and the end consumer want out of their hair tools and products.

The LanaiBlo is the culmination of all of this feedback, my experience and personal preference when it comes to a hair dryer. I want everyone to have the chance to have good hair at home. The simple things.

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